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Problem Solving Observation

I'm noticing that my probably ISFP partner and I (XNTP) have

Example 1. I'm looking for something. I immediately go to where I left it and look there. It's gone. I search and search, but can't find it. Mr. ISFP finds it two minutes later, a few feet from where I was looking. I realised that I rely almost entirely on memory to find things at home. It seriously confuses me when people move my stuff to a location where I wouldn't have put it.

Example 2. Any crisis involving paperwork. I hate it and avoid it. It takes a major act of will for me to cope with it. He can't figure out what the fuss is about and calmly and quickly fills in the forms, deftly translating officialize into English.

Example 3. His truck breaks down an hour and a half before we leave for seperate job sites. I calmly call AAA to tow it and figure out a way we can both get to multiple jobs with him only being 15 minutes late to the second one.

Example 4. I break a bone in my foot. I get my boyfriend at the time to phone someone who has a car to take me to the hospital. Then I get him to collect all the things we need and take the dinner off the stove before it burns.

I'm noticing I'm really good at practical organizational problems, but terrible at routine and finding things. He's apt to panic in real world crises, but is so much better at day to day details.

So is this a NT vs. SF thing or what?
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