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Jung says we are imbalanced for identifying with having multiple types...



I have had access to this article for awhile now... anyways, people often say I don't understand MBTI but I usually think they are full of it because I am aware and know quite a bit even though I wouldn't consider myself an expert.

What they don't seem to like is that I'm not acknowledging particular aspects of its existence - that might be my INTP coming out to play. I believe in possibilities and anything that is *restrictive* and *already classified* leaves me no room to think and expand. When I write in LJ, I'm just developing my thoughts. I'm not writing a paper. :-)

Anyways here's an article about multiple types and imbalances and I see truth in this; however, people are too complex to judge them *imbalanced* just because they identify with more than one type.

That is all. :-)

As for people misjudging me, I suggest they ask questions first to confirm their assumptions before they hang and fry me. *giggles*
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