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Abstract minds...

...got me thinking...


If you had to choose ONE type, what would it be? I think I would choose to be an ENFJ (which is one of the types I'm professionally indicated as being) because it includes so much. A champion of the underdog, a positive go-go cheerleader, the ability to run my business based based from my knowledge of people(marketing), needing to do research and think so that I can help others reach their goals, teaching growth, harmony and knowledge. But I don't want to be focused on just being an ENFJ. Being an ENFJ can be exhausting and I like my "I" times A LOT!
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I am that I am.

If my type was different then I would value different things and thus my happiness would be more determined by what resources I had at hand to still the passions of that type.
ah yes... but do you identify as being more than one type - like myself?... I'm trying to figure out how I can say to someone who has trouble relating to someone like me that I'm an ENFJ instead of going through all the types I type and identify as being. *grin*
I can do as I please.

I can masquerade myself to be more extrovert then most extroverts. I can make people think I'm a F and other things beside that.

But I don't think I'm multiple Types. I don't even think this is possible. The closest I might think of being a multiple Type would be to be both a ENTP and a INTP.

But this is nonsense since this would only change my dominance order and one cannot have two Dominant functions.

I do believe that one can be confused about ones Type.

As a last point I believe that believing you are a "mixed type" is far more common with Idealists and less so by Rationalists. If this is true then one might speculate why this is so?

Perhaps it comes from the Idealists need to become "whole" and "complete" that brings it to bring more Types under its fold. Or perhaps it is the longing for authenticity that leads it to believe its own type to be too limited and thus it must expand to others.

What types do you believe yourself to be?
I'm not so sure that I'm confused about my type(s). :-) ... but I am open to seeing why I might feel the way I do about all this... which is why your thought about idealists being more likely to think they have more than one type is intriguing.

About 2 years ago I set out to grab aspects of other types that were weak/deficient in myself, this was prior to being identified professionally as being an ENXJ (they didn't force me to choose one of the other and more scores were tied on the F/T and pretty close on the I/E. I found that my J was causing too much problems and when I started dating my partner, I started opening myself up to more P thinking. At first this was quite difficult because I had always focused more on the black and white of things but now things are grey as well.

Just yesterday I did the humanetrics test and got this:

Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving
44 67 1 22

You are:
moderately expressed introvert
distinctively expressed intuitive personality
slightly expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

Kiersey pegged me as an NF (I don't know which one... I imagine INFJ) but I think some of the questions could be interpreted either as NF or NT and sometimes I really don't have a clear cut choice and it could go the way of NF and NT. I find that I have the most conflict in choosing between F and T functions - they sort of flip flop depending on the situation. And one thing for sure is that my S is very very low and I would like to raise that function up a bit because it causes me too many problems being as low as it is.

I'm not a strong INTP but INTP is definately there but so are these types: XNFJ, INFP, and ENTJ. I do like who I am but I get unhappy because I'm often quite misunderstood and people want to peg me into one shape -- a shape I don't fit into. If I was allowed to be myself and alter (naturally) my type depending upon the situation because I'm very "situational" in style, I think I would be a much happier person. But... most people want "consistency"... I know this by experience. My cold and calculating one day and ultra warm the next, doesn't make sense to people who don't know me well (which isn't many unfortunately) so I usually have to play it one way and I generally choose the ultra warm idealist over the cool and rational because that IS more appreciated and accepted. People like predictability and unfortunately only my mates are aware and have seen my predictability. erg! ... everyone else usually thinks I'm a mystery when I'm not but no matter how much I express myself I'm constantly misunderstood. oh well!... I think, I try to understand why that's the case but I don't want fret too much over it as it's sort of a negative thing for me to think about -- being misunderstood.

This is my mission statement: To communicate, educate, and encourage authenticity (personal truth) and wisdom (knowledge) for human development. I wonder if that puts things into perspective.
I think XNTP describes me pretty well, and I'm happy with it.
How do you feel when people suggest an imbalance because the identification is with more than one type? How would it be best to approach someone who says something like that to me? erg.